Nu Sensuelle

Nu Sensuelle Proprietary Motors

Our co-founder, Thao, hand-crafts her very own proprietary motors, exclusively for Nu Sensuelle. Our motors are the heart of our products and are responsible for the sensation that each of our toys creates. Which is why we refrain from taking motors off the shelf and instead tailor each of our motors to their corresponding toy. Thao has developed 10 different motors, all of varying intensities and sensations ranging from buzzy, to deep rumbling, to thumping gyration. Not only does this allow us to enhance the quality of our products, but it also enables us to appeal to a wider array of users. We offer motors for our true power users, novice consumers, and everyone in between. To better understand the sensation that each product produces, Nu Sensuelle motors are classified by color. The motor is identified on the back of the packaging, which is additionally color-coded for easy reference. This classification helps retailers recommend the right product based on the consumer’s preferences pertaining to power and intensity. Additionally, it allows users to explore our less intense motors and work their way up as they begin to feel more comfortable with higher intensity. Even our true power users who are already familiar with our more powerful motors can experiment with other NUS products of the same intensity but different design. Regardless of the user’s level of experience or desire, our classification system enables our customers to grow with the Nu Sensuelle brand

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