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New Sexual Health & Wellness Platform Launches Course Sponsored by System JOⓇ

Pennsauken - Since the launch of the new Williams Trading University Sexual Health & Wellness platform, vendors have been all-too happy to collaborate with the veteran distributor in creating content that broadens retailers’ knowledge on topics pertaining to health & wellness, which is an increasingly prevalent concern with consumers.

"We are so thankful that Williams provided us with an opportunity to add more knowledge to the industry,” comments Gerald Martin, Account Manager and Product Specialist with System JOⓇ, who has brought his wealth of knowledge and contagious energy to many a retail store training during his tenure with the award-winning lubricant company.

The training module, which can be found on the Sexual Health & Wellness e-Learning platform, focuses on a topic that System JOⓇ - with 19 FDA 510(k) clearances - is more than a little familiar with: Lubricants & FDA Formulations - Sponsored by System JO.

"Lube is so personal and the variety can be quite intimidating. With the "Lubricants and FDA Regulations" course we really wanted to help people understand what goes into making a quality lubricant and how lubricant can enhance intimate experiences," Gerald says on the choice of topic. "More knowledge in the adult industry benefits everyone involved. Knowledge helps manufacturers produce better products, helps salespeople provide better service, and helps customers improve their intimate experiences. We couldn't miss out on an opportunity to add to that collective knowledge"

Dr. Sunny Rodgers, who holds a doctorate in Human Sexuality as well as many certifications in the field of sex and sexuality, took the information provided by System JOⓇ and delivers a course that is engaging and easy to understand.

“Since the FDA has become involved in regulating lubricants, education on this important topic is needed more than ever before. Being able to work with the team at System JOⓇ to develop a course that is full of beneficial educational knowledge was very gratifying. Retail staff will be able to share complex information with their own consumers in a way that’s never been available before. WTU’s Sexual Health Channel is making essential training readily available and it’s exciting to be a part of this new undertaking,” says Dr. Sunny on the development of this course.

With an ever-increasing number of consumers savvy to what they should and shouldn’t put in their bodies, FDA certified products mean that consumers can be assured that what they are purchasing meets a certain standard.

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